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ANTYA Investments Inc. (“ANTYA”) offers discretionary investment management services through Separately Managed Accounts (“SMA”) to Canadian investors in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Our mission is to provide customised, focussed and disciplined wealth management. ANTYA believes in low-volatility investing. We intend to preserve and enhance capital, provide diversified market exposure and minimise volatility of returns by following a Core-Satellite approach to investing.

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Our Services

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management service is designed to provide institutional grade investment advice to Canadians in a simple and transparent manner with easy to understand pricing. Our Core-Satellite approach is a proven methodology to accumulate wealth over time.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Review

ANTYA also provides portfolio review services on a fixed-fee basis to investors in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Our portfolio review service is designed to inform investors on the suitability, diversification benefits and overall costs of their current investment plan.

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ANTYA’s views on investing, economy, markets and more are published regularly. VITARKA, our monthly research publication presents our opinion on an important topic relevant to ANTYA’s investors and Canadians in general. We also publish less comprehensive but more topical commentary.

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Our Portfolios

Sleep income ANTYA Sleep Easy - Income Portfolio
Targeted Total Return of 5%
Tilted towards fixed income
Safety of Principal First
Sleep income ANTYA Pivot - The Balanced Portfolio
Targeted Return of 5%-7%
A balance of fixed income and equities
Expect Higher Volatility than the Income Portfolio
Sleep income ANTYA 20/20 - The Growth Portfolio
A targeted return of 9%
Tilted towards equity investing
Some expsoure to Fixed Income

Industry Leading Research Backs Our AAA Promise

The Vilification of Musk by Shooting Stars of Hedge Funds and an Acquiescent Business Media

The noise surrounding Tesla Inc. and its prospects has reached a crescendo and will die down with the successful execution of its business plan. It reminds us of the “Fake News” term coined by President Trump. Investors need to turn-off the business news channels, ignore the clamour and devote time to more fruitful pursuits. The economy and most corporations are in good shape.

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Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rate

An Audacious President-Elect Upends Yields – Eight Ideas For 2017

An audacious President-elect has done what the collective might of central bankers from G-7 couldn't do. ANTYA highlights eight things to watch out for in 2017. Our view is that the S&P/TSX Composite will struggle in 2017.

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Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rate

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Our Team


Neeraj Monga


The founder of ANTYA, Neeraj Monga, was previously a significant shareholder, board-member and Head of Research at one of Canada’s leading independent equity research providers.

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Daniela Liscio


Daniela Liscio is Of Counsel, acting on a variety of corporate and commercial matters for Kent T Perry & Co, a Kansas City law firm.

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Qing Li


Mrs. Li has 20 years of proven success in financial and business analytics, strategic planning, performance measurement and execution of strategic large scale and complex initiatives..

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Tauseef Riaz

Advisor & Investor

Tauseef has close to 17 years of international experience in managing financial and strategic investments for global corporations in North America.

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