Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in:

  1. Empowering our investors by keeping fees low
  2. Offering a judiciously curated portfolio of assets to maximize risk-adjusted return; and
  3. Placing the welfare of our clients above all else.

Our portfolios are structured on the premise that:

  1. Unnecessary diversification is a drag on superior risk-adjusted portfolio performance;
  2. Trustworthy corporate governance reflected through high-quality financial statements, and a forthright discussion of business prospects in the management discussion and analysis section of the annual report, is a leading indicator of prospective stock & asset class performance; and
  3. Identifying the significant point of inflection in a business or an asset classes’ evolution is critical to avoiding the underperforming stocks, ETFs and indices that torpedo portfolio performance.

Therefore, our decision making process focuses on deep-dive research to both uncover long-term outperformers in asset classes and stocks, as well as avoid the impeding blow-ups that torpedo risk-adjusted portfolio performance. In this way, we preserve capital and are able to take positions in those securities (ETFs and/or Stocks) that we expect to perform well.

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