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ANTYA Portfolio Review Services

ANTYA also provides a portfolio review service on a fixed-fee basis to investors in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Our portfolio review service is designed to provide an independent opinion of an existing financial plan or an investment portfolio to Canadians. To avail of the service, investors are required to fill our client questionnaire with complete and accurate information about themselves, as well as their existing investments. Staff from ANTYA will review the information provided and then set up a conference call with the concerned individual/s on the phone, via SKYPE or Face Time. Depending on geographical proximity a meeting can also be arranged in person.

During this meeting ANTYA will ask additional questions based on information provided previously and try and understand the motivations as well as concerns if any related to existing arrangements. Finally, ANTYA will provide its opinion.

Based on ANTYA’s assessment of a prospective client, ANTYA will provide an opinion on aspects highlighted in the following table:

1 Costs
2 Suitability
3 Riskiness
4 Liquidity
5 Asset Allocation

To the extent ANTYA believes that changes in any or all of the parameters highlighted in Table 1 are required, ANTYA will recommend an alternative portfolio and/or asset allocation strategy. ANTYA may recommend changes to Stocks, Bonds, REITs, Mutual Funds or other products that comprise your existing portfolio. If after fully understanding the costs of implementing an alternative portfolio, some clients choose to transfer accounts and/or become ANTYA clients, a credit towards the portfolio review services fee will be given.

ANTYA charges 1% of the portfolio value as its advisory fee, or a minimum of $500 per review.

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