ANTYA Investments Inc.

ANTYA Investments Inc. (“ANTYA”) offers discretionary investment management services through Separately Managed Accounts (“SMA”) to Canadian investors in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Capital markets abound in products, all vying for the investors’ attention. In ANTYA’s view, investors need to subscribe to only a few well-chosen products to help achieve their short-term and/or long-term goals.

Therefore, ANTYA offers three kinds of discretionary managed portfolios with varying degrees of risk-return profiles. All customers complete a web-based risk profile assessment questionnaire – used by leading global financial institutions with approximately 1,000,000 million profiles analyzed so far – which provides a basis for client interviews.

Thereafter ANTYA allocates an asset allocation model keeping in view the risk tolerance and goal-based portfolio requirements. Portfolios are created using a Core-Satellite approach, where the core of the portfolio comprising 65%-75% comprises diversified exposure to client specific growth, balanced or income strategy. The satellite portion provides stock specific exposure to meet or exceed total return requirements for client portfolio and to benefit from the deep-dive due diligence expertise of the portfolio manager.

When ANTYA decides to actively add a stock/s to one of its portfolios, ANTYA will invest only in those companies that have investment grade balance sheets, and in our view, exhibit high standards of corporate governance.

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